Ambiance and Attention to Detail in Outdoor Lighting

After all, when the sun goes down, the party can continue on if you’ve got lighting in place.

While comfort is king, part of comfort is going to be the ambiance that you can create with outdoor lighting. As you may already know, lighting is what determines how everyone feels in the space, and this is no different when it comes to the outdoor space. But with all of the options to choose from, how can you pick just the right look? This guide will help.

Some of the classic details:

You can choose from a few of the commonly used outdoor lighting examples below. One of the prime details with all of these is to figure out what kind of brightness to set. Are you going to dim mood lighting? Do you want bright full lighting so your guests (or you) can read or enjoy a good dinner? Do you want to be able to adjust the lighting as occasion calls for it? It all factors in.

  • Strung LED lighting: Strung lights — fairy lights, as they’re commonly called — are plentiful and great for stringing along pergolas, columns and more to create light on demand. They’re beautiful and cost-effective and also tend to be made for outdoor use as far as durability.
  • Pod lights for walkways: To and from your house, you’ll want to consider lighting your walkway. While you can do this with garden stakes, why not take a more permanent approach such as with pod lights. These can be recessed along the walkway and help keep the walk safe back to the house.
  • Painted retro lighting: If you’ve got old wall sconces or ceiling pendant lights that you want to show off, try painting them a different bold color and putting a nice bright bulb in them. It’s a great way to promote up-cycling as well as added flair and character to light choice.
  • LED candles: Whether it’s done with mason jars, table centre pieces or more, LED candles are great for mood lighting and can be made mobile however it’s needed. Safe even around flammable materials or windy conditions, they’re perfect for outdoor use.

It’s all well and good to have a beautiful outdoor space, but lighting is going to be a key feature as well. After all, when the sun goes down, the party can continue on if you’ve got lighting in place. If you aren’t entirely sure what vibe you want to send — or how to approach it — take a look at some inspiration photos below!

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